X-Series Signal Analyzers


    Design, test and deliver your next breakthrough with our most advanced signal analysis

    -     Choose from Wide-open real-time analysis to low-cost essential measurements

    -     Achieve deeper troubleshooting or one-button measurements with the broadest set of application-specific


    -     Evolve as technology changes with post-purchase upgrades such as frequency, bandwidth, real-time, CPU

          and more

    -     Drive consistent measurements across your organization, no matter which instruments you choose to use,

          with 100% code-compatibility from R&D to manufacturing


    Get closer to your answer with accessible performance

    -     Simpler measurement setup and customizable views with new multi-touch user interface

    -     See, capture and understand the most elusive signals – known or unknown – with real-time spectrum


    -     See signals you couldn’t see before with spurious-free dynamic range >75 dBc across 510 MHz bandwidth

    -     More accurately measure low-level signals using Noise Floor Extension (NFE) to reduce measurement

          noise by up to 10 dB

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