Handheld Digital Multimeters & Clamp Meters


    U1230 Series handheld digital multimeters are the best HH-DMM for the conditions you work in. Whether it’s dark, noisy or even dangerous, the multimeters help you prepare for these conditions with features that anticipate worst-case scenarios, but make everyday tasks easier.

    ·     Built-in flashlight to illuminate dim test area

    ·     Ergonomic for better grip

    ·     Vsense for non-contact voltage detection

    ·     Audible beeper alert and flashing backlight display for better continuity detection

    Keysight U1240 Series handheld digital multimeters help you check more, fix more and spend less with features for quick installation and maintenance (I&M) checks on machinery, facility and electrical systems.

    ·     Switch counter for detection of glitches

    ·     Harmonic ratio

    ·     Dual and differential temperature measurements

    Keysight U1250 Series handheld digital multimeters exceed your expectations with power-packed features and performance to detect even the most elusive of glitches in electronics and electrical circuits troubleshooting.

    ·     World’s first handheld DMM with OLED display for razor-sharp readings, even in dark environments.

    ·     20 MHz frequency counter

    ·     Programmable square-wave generator

    ·     Data logging capabilities

    Keysight U1270 Series handheld digital multimeters are rugged and reliable tool that will withstand the harsh working conditions with smart and safety features and better usability.

    ·     OLED display with high contrast and wide viewing angle (U1273A and U1273AX only)

    ·     Low pass filter to eliminate high frequency switching noise

    ·     Low impedance mode to eliminate stray voltages

    ·     Water and dust resistant with IP 54 certification

    ·     3000m operating altitude

    ·     -40 0C to 55 0C operating temperature (U1273AX only)

    ·     Optional USB and Bluetooth connectivity

    Keysight U1280 Series handheld digital multimeters help you achieve trustworthy measurements thanks to the precision, accuracy and repeatability. Why feel tied to the bench when it comes to the need of troubleshooting electronic circuits in the system? 

    ·     Programmable

    ·     800 hours battery life

    ·     Data logging capabilities

    ·     IP67, 10ft drop

    Keysight U1190 Series handheld clamp meters help you work easier and safer, enabling current measurements up to 600 A.

    ·     Unique wire separator to easily single out and measure individual wires from a bundle.

    ·     Built-in LED flashlight to illuminate your test area

    ·     Vsense to perform non-contact voltage detection

    Keysight U1210 Series handheld clamp meters enable high-current measurements, usually of electrical distribution cables, without breaking the circuit.

    ·     DMM capabilities—resistance, capacitance, frequency and temperature

    Keysight U1401B Multi-function Calibrator/Meter allows you to simultaneous source and measure using just one tool. Other features include:

    ·     Built-in pulse signal generator

    ·     Full-span DMM measurement and recording functions

    ·     Built-in charging capability

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