81150/81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generators


    High precision pulse generators enhanced with versatile signal generation, modulation and distortion capabilities for:

     -     Accurate signals to test your device and not your signal source

     -     Versatile waveform and noise generation to be ready for today‘s and tomorrow‘s stress test challenges

     -     Optional pattern generator to test in addition to analog, digital and mixed signal devices

     -     Integrated into one instrument to minimize cabling, space and test time


     Engineered for the best signal generation

     -     High precision pulse generator is enhanced with a versatile signal generator, offering distortion

           capabilities to stress your device to its limit

    -      Arbitrary bit-shaped pattern generator for ideal and distorted pattern up to 120 Mbit/s.

    -     Function arbitrary generator provides versatile waveforms and modulation capabilities to adapt the signal

          to devices requirements

    -     Noise generator combines two required extremes: random noise and repeatable noise with very long

          repetition rates for simple problem identification

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