InfiniiVision 3000A X-Series Oscilloscopes


    Solve your measurement challenges faster with more oscilloscope capabilities 

    ·     100 MHz to 1 GHz, DSO and MSO models

    ·     View time-correlated digital content with16 digital channels (MSO)

    ·     Modulate signals within the scope with WaveGen, built-in 20 MHz function generator (optional)

    ·     Quickly characterize signals with the built-in 3-digit voltmeter and 5-digit counter option

    ·     Decode serial busses faster with hardware-based serial analysis options for CAN, LIN, I²C, SPI,

           RS232 and more

    ·     Protect your investment with full upgradability


    Get more for your investment with 5-in-1 instrument integration

    ·     Class-leading oscilloscope

    ·     Logic analyzer (MSO) option adds 16 digital channels

    ·     Serial protocol analyzer options add triggering and analysis capabilities for the widest range of

           serial buses

    ·     WaveGen function/arbitrary waveform generator option adds waveform generation capabilities within

           the scope

    ·     3-Digit voltmeter option adds integrated characterization

    ·     Add any of these options at any time


    Have confidence that you’re seeing your full signal

    ·     Increase the probability of capturing infrequent events with a waveform update rate of up to 1 million

           times per second

    ·     These are the only scopes in this class that maintain fast updates rates while using logic acquisition

           channels and/or serial bus decoding

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