InfiniiVision 6000L Series Oscilloscopes


    The most space efficient and affordable LXI compliant oscilloscopes

    ·     100 MHz to 1 GHz

    ·     Convenient control via a built-in web browser

    ·     Flexible configuration from 4 analog to 16 digital channels (with MSO option)

    ·     Easy connectivity with standard USB, LAN, GPIB interfaces and XGA out

    ·     Optimized for automated and manufacturing test


    Low-profile, high-density package saves rack space

    ·     Save valuable rack space with a 1U-high and 19-inch wide form factor

    ·     Mount other instruments directly above or below the scope - side and rear air vents only,

          no top or bottom vents

    ·     Rack mount brackets and rack rails are standard with every unit

"Synergy is the Technology Partner and Authorized Distributor for Keysight Technologies "