6½ & 7½ Digit Truevolt Series Digital Multimeter


    Display DMM results in ways you never have before

    -     Color, graphical display with built-in bar chart, histogram, trend (34461A only), math, and statistics

    -     Save and document your DMM’s data from your PC, mobile device, or IO of choice


    Measure with unquestioned Truevolt confidence

    -     Digital AC, lowest measurement noise, ISO/IEC derived and compliant specifications

    -     1000 V max voltage input, 3 A/10 A (34461A) max current input


    Move to the next generation 34401A DMM with 100% assurance

    -     Industry’s only 100% drop-in, SCPI compatible replacement for the Keysight 34401A DMM (34461A)


    Get more insight quickly

    -     Truevolt DMM’s graphical capabilities such as trend and histogram charts offer more insights quickly. Both

          models also provide a data logging mode for easier trend analysis and a digitizing mode for capturing



    Low-current measurements

    -     The ability to measure very low current, 1 µA range with pA resolution, allows you to make measurements on

          very low power devices.


    Maintaining calibration

    -     Auto calibration allows you to compensate for temperature drift so you can maintain measurement accuracy

          throughout your workday.

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